Who We Are

This site is a comprehensive project that sets our with the objective of educating people as to how to use electronics, programming and Arduinos.

Every article is broken down into steps to teach important concepts that when brought together enables the user to use the knowledge and skills that they gain.

This site sets out to be different to others in a number of ways.

There are many tutorials but I felt that they don’t often teach electronics and programming in a way that is comprehensive enough to truly enable the user to learn what is actually happening and why it happens. At the same time, I want to site to serve people that just want to pull the key concepts and build the circuit in question. Because of the way that that each article is designed and written this user can just find the section that contains the circuit and the section that contains the circuit and they will have everything that they need.

Anothe concept that I want to demonstrate and hopefully instill is a concept of the beauty of design. You can put a circuit together with any wire and components and wire in any placement that works but I like to make my circuits as neat as possible and with a sense of consideration of placement of wires and components.